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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Colonial Vegan

Oh I know! There was probably no such thing as a colonial vegan back when our country was being founded but Carrot Top Vegan is a modern day Colonial-lovin' vegan!

It is no secret-- Hubs and I LOVE Colonial Williamsburg! We try to visit a few times a year. (no we do not dress up in period clothing) We did join the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation as Burgesses. Last weekend we went to our Annual Burgesses Meeting and had such a delightful time! Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting special events we experienced but first and formost...since this is a food blog...let's chat about the FOOD!

Of course we went to our favorite restaurant, Food For Thought. You can read more about this vegan-friendly place from this older blog post. This time I decided to try the Jerk Chicken (Gardein of course) with Mango Salsa and Sweet Potato Fries...WHAT A MEAL!

On Saturday at the Burgess Luncheon we had requested a vegan meal not knowing if such a thing would be possible. Kitchens are ready for the vegetarian request but...vegan...well...you know the usually head tilt. 
"Well what do ya'll eat then?" is usually the question we get from our curious Virginia folks. BUT the wonderful chef and kitchen did not disappoint! 
We had a spectacular vegan lunch that was visually stunning and had brilliant flavors! Roasted beets, pesto, steamed veggies, and carrot puree was as beautiful as it was delicious!
(If this isn't a reason to join the CWF, I don't know what is!)

We also found a great lunch spot!  (Thanks to Yelp!) Near the campus of William & Mary, we found The Pita Pit . Similar to Subway, you have to decide on options. You pick your bread type-- either white or whole wheat pita. Choose your fillings and toppings then they wrap it up perfectly into a portable lunch. The great thing about their website is the nutrition builder option where you calculate all of the calories, fat, protein, etc...and determine if you are eating healthy!

I got the black bean pita with spinach, tomatoes, olives, onions and avocado. For about 300 calories, 18grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fat and 12 grams of fiber this was a superb lunch! 

And what Williamsburg trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to our favorite pizza place, ZPizza?!
Hello...Berkley Vegan!

We have already started buzzing about a summer visit. The Williamsburg Pottery, an institution for tourists in the 60's & 70's, has been rebuilt! Beautified well beyond it's prior glory, it is opening in April and we have to check it out! 
In the Colonial Village you can find some new exhibits like The Anderson Armory, The Tin Shop, The Armory Kitchen and so much more! 

People often ask us why we go to Williamsburg so often. 
There are so many wonderful things to do that each trip is a whole different experience! 
A great place to enjoy your summer vacation!


  1. So once upon a time I visited Virginia Beach and then much later I misguidedly decided to move to Newport News and then I discovered Williamsburg. And was quite fond of it. I grew up in Mystic CT and loved visiting the Seaport and I loved Sturbridge Village in MA. I was not vegan for any of these visits though and it makes me happy you got to eat so well!

    If you ever like to read YA books then there's a cute book about a girl who works in a historical village and it's kinda cute - http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10637697-past-perfect :)

  2. Have not been to Newport News yet. Next time we go we want to make a day trip there. Thanks for the book tip. Will def check it out.

  3. Just drive through NN on your way to Williamsburg :D

  4. I just found out about a Veg-fest in Richmond...hmmm...I am thinking...ROAD TRIP!