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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

“It wasn’t the size of his ears that were the problem. It was how Dumbo felt about them…”

Body Image—a phrase relating to an ever-changing set of ideas and standards mixed with constant mood shifts, grumbles and the occasional—“Doesn’t look so bad today.”

Can you relate to this “definition”?

I have struggled with body image all my life.  From stand-out flame colored hair, a slightly unusual name, and ghost-white skin—I never stood a chance of blending in.  (Unless I was a Weasley) And let’s not even chat about all those numbers on the scale. Or how many scales have gone to the scale graveyard, smashed and shattered.  I am guilty of trying all the diets and plans: Slimfast, Weight Watchers, Suzanne Summers…thankfully was smart enough to stay FAR away from Atkins!

Recently, I had to unpack a box of old photos of myself.  I noticed that not much has changed with my body over the years. A few different hair colors and styles but overall the same average size. So I wonder—why have I spent all of these years fretting, foot-stamping, growling and tossing the contents of my closet on the floor because nothing ever fit right? I ponder how many hours I have spent obsessing over what I “should” look like.  It seems like an incredible waste of energy and time.

And then I realized:

It isn't  the size of me that is the problem.
 It is how I feel about it.

Can you connect with this? Are you your own worst body critic? The world might think you are beautiful—but your brain tells you otherwise.

Since I have become vegan, more compassion has filtered into my daily life than I ever thought possible.  But I lack compassion for myself. I think it is time to give myself a break—let go of the mirror monster. Change the way I think and feel about myself—change the body image.

Is it time to give you a break too?


  1. Yay, what a wonderful post! As a mother I struggle with sharing my journey to get physically fit and lose those extra pounds without appearing to focus on that too much in front of my girls. It's a balance. I want them to have a healthy attitude about body image. I do struggle with weight - chips and salsa are vegan - but, I don't use the scale anymore. Instead I focus on the looseness of my dresses, which is happening more frequently now. I'm going to update my blog pic when I'm at my goal weight. Congrats on being comfortable with yourself!

  2. Balance is the key with our bodies and minds. Every once in awhile it is okay to indulge--I have quite a thing for vegan cupcakes--as long as we balance it out with something else. Someone once told me, this idea that we "can't" or "shouldn't" have indulgences is more of a social burden. I tend to agree with that. Sometimes a gal needs a vegan brownie. And it is okay. Good for you for ditching the scale! :)