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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh My Vegan Pizza And Some Sexy Sheep...

As I have said before, traveling as a vegan can be challenging. Especially for a foodie couple who is always on the hunt for the perfect dish. I can break down a marinara into individual ingredients by taste and smell alone and confirm if the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts!

Although I have heard some great ideas for eating out in a pinch, vegan should not be as foreign a word as it is. As hubs and I go through restaurant menus, we have been thinking about how chefs can "veganize" their dishes but not just for the ethical reasons but for health.

Hello! The United States is one of the top contenders for obesity in the world and we still serve a full fat, cream alfredo sauce TOPPED with parmesean and a side of garlic butter bread. Ummm....and you want to call MY diet choices gross? Give me tofu and ten years extra life ANYDAY!

Ok, off soapbox. But, hey--I like to have a little naughty food, too, once in awhile. Like, pizza. And here in Williamsburg, Virginia we found it!

ZPizza offers a Berkley Vegan Pizza that has Daiya Cheese and Vegan Meatless Crumbles on top along with peppers, onions, and organic sauce on an organic crust. And it was creamy, goodness.

I realize since becoming vegan how important it is to search out the vegan options and veganizable fare at non-vegan restaurants. It has given us an opportunity to talk about the plant-based diet and the ethical, humane responsibilities we have to animals and this planet. I encourage you to do the same. These guys will thank you, (especially the naked one who was probably sheared against her will):


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww! We have the same template, yeay! Good choice :-)

    I couldn't agree more with this post. Think I'm gonna head over to Blackbird Pizza (a vegan pizza joint in Philadelphia) tomorrow if the fam agrees to that plan!

    Glad I found you in the MoFo feed,

  2. That pizza looks fantastic!

    Farrah, do you know about Happy Cow? It's a great resource for finding veg restaurants.

  3. That pizza looks delicious & the sheep are super cute.

  4. You're right. We have a great place here that has a separate vegan menu (they serve pizza :) and there are more options popping up. Making contact with these places shows the demand and helps the cause. Love the sheep photo :)

  5. Ooo Dawn I will have to look up that pizza place in Philly. We spend a lot of time in Philadelphia, esepcially at the museums.

    Lee I did look up Williamsburg on Happy Cow but didn't find too much.