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Monday, November 28, 2011

Every Monday Is Meatless But Today Was Detox Monday

After many days of good eats, hubs and I needed a detox day. Keeping it light we had shakes, soups, and lots of veggies. 

Before we became vegan we used to choke down whey protein daily to keep up with our busy schedules and workouts. Those shakes were awful! I tried every brand, mixed them with everything from juice to milks, adding sweeteners, fruit, anything to hide that taste of sour milk. Even washing the cup made me gag because it just smelled like rotten milk.  I often wondered how the shakes could be good for me if they smelled so bad. 

Since we became vegan, we still use protein shakes as a supplement. I have researched a few brands and am still trying different types but two brands have appealed to me the most. And they don't smell like rotten milk!

The Berry blend is a super food complex mix.  It includes a balanced antioxidant blend and green food blend. 

The Chocolate Infused Amazing Meal is delicious on it's own mixed with water. It has 10 grams of protein per serving and tastes like a dark chocolate bar. It contains a blend of rice and hemp proteins. 

The Raw Protein packs the highest protein punch at 17 grams per serving. It is unflavored and tastes...earthy. It is a fine powder, and blends well with fruits and vegetables. I like to drink it mixed with the berry blend and water. Hubs thinks it is too bland and likes it mixed with fruit. 

Although we can get our nutrients from whole foods, around the holidays,  I like to take a few cleanse days in between all those high calorie meals! 

And while New Jersey seems to be having a spot of mild weather, we still got in the Christmas Spirit today and put up our new little tree!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Too funny you're posting this, Farrah! My husband & I were just talking about protein powders and how I'd like to find a good tasting vegan one. The one we used before I went vegan wasn't too bad.. but then again back then I used dairy.. I'm sure if I'd smell it now, I'd barf!

  2. I have some friends that don't mind the whey taste and smell, for some reason it just made me sick. I even used to mix it with dry instant maple spiced oatmeal and milk and it just didn't help. And I am not a picky eater at all. Most things don't bother me like that.

    The Amazing Meal chocolate is my favorite so far but the Raw protein is higher in protein grams.