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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Six Month Vegan Anniversary!

Hello All...

I truly have missed my blog and all of my sweet followers!

Today celebrates SIX MONTHS of Veganism for hubs and I! We look forward to many more months and years. We certainly are very happy vegans and could never go back to being omnivores. 

Today is also my first blog post in a few months. I can only say there will be no more long absences in the future. However, in this absence we have been rather busy at Carrot Top HQ. We partied through the holidays vegan-style, spent NYE in Williamsburg, and the most time-consuming...built a house! 
From Start...

To Finish...

(Thanks To Max Construction!)

Today is March 1st! 
 March is National Nutrition Month!
In honor of National Nutrition Month Carrot Top Vegan will feature blog posts about:

  • The Importance of Making Informed Food Choices
  • Workout DVD Reviews (Swoon...Bob Harper)
  • Nutritious Vegan Recipes
  • And lots of nutritional tidbits..
Read more about NNM at www.eatright.org

Please Stay Tuned! 
The next six months of Vegan are going to be quite a delicious, nutritious ride!!

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