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Friday, September 23, 2011

So If The Question Was...

I am a craver. I crave everything at some point. I could only imagine if I was ever to be pregnant what I would send  hubs out for in the middle of the night. Just this week alone I craved butter, chocolate ( but took care of that one--sexy, vegan style!), pumpkin muffins, pumpkin latte, oreos, more butter.

This Ben Franklin is made out of butter and quite frankly, pre-vegan I would not have been trusted around it!
(As a side note here, you should know that sometime..oh..about 30 years ago when I was a wee lass, I was found sitting on the floor near the refrigerator with a stick of butter in my hand. I had managed to peel back the wrapper like a banana and  chomped on it like an ice cream cone. If there is one thing my family knows I LOVE...oh, yeah, it's BUTTER! )

Now as a butter-free vegan, I acknowledge the craving and move on. Justifying it with the fact that I knew tonight was going to be a VERY SPECIAL EVENING.

Hubs and I enjoy our sushi and have been known to tally up a $90+ bill for all those fancy, schmancy rolls. But after doing a little googling on good vegan menu choices and making the promise that we would not cheat because after all, salmon and tuna are our friends too, we went to our favorite local sushi house.

Ah, the simplicity of the Japanese culture. Since I have learned that sushi actually means seasoned, or vinagared rice it was ok NOT to order any fish dishes. Starting with some appetizers we had
Steamed Edamame
Miso Eggplant
Which let me just tell you now was uh-mazing I could seriously have eaten this for dessert!

Then came our beautiful sushi platter
Avocado Roll
Sweet Potato Roll
Cucumber Roll
Garden Roll
Japanese Pickle Roll

We enjoyed the Sweet Potato Roll and the Japanese Pickle Roll the most! And when we were finished, we didn't feel all full and gross like we usually do after gorging on raw fish flesh.

But hub's FAVORITE part was our bill! No more triple digit sushi nights for us honey!

So if the question was...

    Can you be vegan and still enjoy going out to dinner? OH YES WE CAN!!!!

We skipped dessert. We are saving our calories for the DC VEGFEST tomorrow on the campus of George Washington University. Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of Veganomicon will be there among many other speakers, chefs, and groups! And there will be LOTS of sampling of Vegan treats!

Stay tuned....


  1. Mmmmmm Farrah, your sushi dinner looks great!

    Do you use and enjoy Earth Balance now as a butter substitute? I don't miss butter at all thanks to such a yummy product.

  2. Funny you mention that...I just had it on my toast this morning and it was really good!