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Monday, November 7, 2011

Adopt A Turkey--You Will Be Glad You Did But Read This Too...

When I was a young lass, there was a group of girls I hung out with every day.  At one of our sleepovers, they decided to watch a Benji movie. You remember Benji? That adorable mixed-breed who always found a way to save the day, but often found himself in sticky situations.

I loved Benji, but I hated those movies. I would cry uncontrollably! Between the sad music, the doggy eyes, and the nail-biting scenes of Benji possibly being mauled by a large animal, I was a mess! The happy ending did nothing to cure my sadness and I would be in for a good cry long after the movie ended. (Much to the amusement of my friends.)

Even to this day, we still get together and laugh about my emotional attachment of that dog twenty-five years later!

I have a soft spot for animals, clearly I always have. Looking back on my non-vegan life, I truly don't know how I didn't make the decision sooner to go vegan. I can't watch ASPCA commercials without getting choked up and photos of animal abuse make me so angry.

Although I cannot make up for all the years of eating meat, dairy, and all animal products. I can start making a difference now.

Since the hubs and I became vegan on September 1st, we have seen the world in a different light. Maybe it was the push we needed to go forth in life with more purpose. 

This year, instead of cooking a turkey, we adopted one through Farm Sanctuary's Adopt A Turkey Project

Her name is Antoinette and she is a feisty one, being quoted, "Let Them Eat Squash!" That is my type of gal!

You can adopt a turkey also. Even if you are not vegan, you can still contribute to the wonderful organization that Farm Sanctuary is. 

Recently, on Facebook there has been heated discussions between my vegan friends and non-vegan friends. Debate is good, and healthy. I remember when I was a non-vegan and a friend would tell me they were going veggie, I rolled my eyes, and thought the same thing people think of me now:

What the hell am I going to cook for this person? 

But having sat on both sides of the fence, I see where I was wrong. 

Veganism is not a cult, or exclusive club, or extreme diet.  It is about compassion. Compassion for creatures that don't have a voice. Compassion for the planet. Compassion for one another. Living in harmony with what is around us. And isn't that what we all want? Couldn't we all use a little peace? 

Give Peace A Chance by John Lennon


  1. I love that you adopted a turkey! That's awesome Farrah.

    And I say cry for all the people who can't or who have shut down their emotions with regards to animals. It's great that you are in touch with those emotions. More power to you!

  2. You know what the funny thing is though, I am not normally a crier. I am not very weepy. I don't even like crying really lol. Just something about animals triggers something I suppose.

    My husband laughs because on long car trips, if there is a dog in the car next to us, I am like, Awww! And when we go to Virginia, it is like 50 Awwwwws...lol

  3. What a wonderful thing to share about the possibility to adopt a turkey, Farrah!!! I'll certainly do that gladly!!!

    As to the movies, I was (still am) the very same way! Disney movies.. forget it, I would bawl like a baby, no matter if the beloved animal still made it in the end! And strangely I'm also not a quick crier in other life situations, but like you said, animals trigger something!

    You'd not like it here in Sicily seeing all those poor strays or sheep.. hurt, sometimes already dead on the road.. :'( (I always say a quick prayer, hoping they have peace now!..) It's certainly one thing that living here makes it very hard for me at times!..